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Minister Beti Kamya spits fire at presidential adviser Kusasira

by Odongo Christopher

Popular singer Catherine Kusasira, who was recently appointed Presidential Adviser on Artsistes’ affairs, has sparked off discontent among several National Resistance Movement (NRM) party stalwarts.

After directing Kampala district NRM Chairperson Salim Uhuru and other who want to meet her to write formal requests, she has attracted the wrath of minister for Kampala Betti Kamya, who is spitting fire and brimstone.

As of today, Betty Kamya has issued a serious warning to Senior Presidential advisor Kusasira by saying thus;

“I think Kusasira is just over excited that’s why she now thinks that she is above everyone. These musicians who are running in NRM for money should understand that meeting the president does not mean that you are on top of the world.

She added: “I heard her speaking arrogantly ordering NRM mobilisers in Kampala as if she if somebody. You haven’t seen anything my, this is not how they handle issues. She is not the first person to meet the President. She needs to lie low.”

The motor mouth Kusasira is yet to respond to Minister Kamya’ warning or act upon it by toning down on the way she is exerting her influence and exhibiting the magnitude of her power.

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