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Minister Anite in hiding as mafias are plotting to send her to the creator

by Odongo Christopher

The name Evelyn Anite was never known to Ugandans till the 2015 Kyankwanzi resolution that endorsed president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as a sole candidate.

The then youthful legislator had maintained a low profile till she excitedly started singing appraisals for president Museveni.

Her famous, “we have the majje” remarks made her a countrywide popular figure. Moments after the age limit, Anite hit a relief honeymoon in the US.

She alleges that she had gone to advance her studies. Her ‘resilience’ and persistence to defend her interests landed her into trouble when she engaged in a verbal rant with NRM henchmen in their clash over the state of the collapsed UTL.

Since June this year, she wrote a series of letters to compel the attorney general to have the official receiver Twebaze Bemanya removed from the administrative position in the UTL. This request seemed minor but backfired with a multiplicity of threats on the youthful minister.

On Monday, she has broke the silence in regard of her security. Anite says she is receiving threatening messages from anonymous contacts.

“These Mafias are not jokers. Go and ask Abiriga!”, she said. “I will die while shouting that the Mafias are coming until they take me down. They follow me and they are tapping my calls”, she adds. When asked for the identity of the Mafias, Anite said, “You know the Mafias, those who have been trying to block the audit”

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