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Minister Amalia break her silence on 2021 general elections

by James Ateenyi

Minister for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde who also doubles as Mwakota North member of parliament has finally come out and spoken about her 2021 political plan.

Addresing residents of Mpigi district during during women day celebration on Friday, Kyambadde said she still has a lot to fulfill and will offer her self as a candidate in 2021.

She added that she is still doing whatever is within her means to ensure that Mpigi residents especially her constituents benefit from government programs thus asking the electorates to give her more time to accomplish her programs.

“I want to see that everybody gains from these government programs as we fight Poverty. Many are asking me are you coming back? Have I ever said that I am not coming back? I need more time to work for my People.” Ameria said.

Speaking on Dr Hilderman who also declared that he take on Amelia come 2021, Amelia urged the locals to remain calm.

“Hilderman is my good son, he is my product and our project. He knows what we discussed and agreed on. Don’t abuse each other She added.

Dr. Hillary Kiyaga popularly know by his stage name Dr. Hilderman who is the composer of the Amelia song that helped the Trade minister to win her first term in 2011, declared to context against his boss come 2021 on People Power ticket.

It is yet unclear whether Hilderman will withdraw his candidacy in support of her boss come 2021 elections.

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