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Miguna Miguna slams Bobi Wine, calls his supporters cowards who cannot liberate country

by James Ateenyi

Kenya opposition politician, Dr Miguna Miguna, Kenya’s has said Kenyans who “pretend to support” Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi wine in the struggles against President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are cowards.

Dr Miguna, added that they cannot pretend to support the struggle in Uganda when they themselves have failed to dislodge president Uhuru Kenyatta whom he referred as a dictator.

“Those pretending to support Bobi wine in Kenya are cowards. The best way to fight for freedom is to confront tyrants in your own country. Directly confront Uhuru Kenyatta regarding his egregious violations of human rights in Kenya. Stop pretending to be fighting Museveni in Kenya,” Dr Miguna tweeted on his twitter handle.

Dr Miguna’s tirade follows several rallies that were organized by opposition groups in Nairobi Kenya that were attended by Bobi Wine.
He said both Museveni and Uhuru are “despots who suppress dissent, murder, torture and exile their critics.”

Miguna Miguna is currently in Canada after being deported by Uhuru administration on allegations of being Canadian citizens.

He came to the limelight after administering the Oath to opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga who was sworn in people president in Kenya.

On several occasions, Dr Miguna attacked both Raila and Uhuru calling them dictators who suppress their people.

Babu Owino who invited Bobi Wine to Kenya is an ardent supporter of opposition leader Raila Odinga who command huge followings in Kenya.

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