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Matia Kasaija: I shake when I’m signing money for corrupt ministers

by James Ateenyi

Uganda was in 2018 named by the United Nations as one the country were millions of dollars of aid money ended up in the wrong hands.

Several countries among which are Germany and and United Kingdom have announced that they would withhold all funding to Uganda over corruption allegations.

According to DW, a German news agency, German government announced Friday that it was withholding UGX400 billion ($106 million) of the funds it had promised Kampala for refugee resettlement annually.

The decision, according to DW, follows the United Kingdom’s 2018 decision to suspend its funding of Kampala after a UN investigation of Uganda’s refugee programme found evidence of corruption involving millions of dollar.

Finance minister Hon Matia Kasaija has in May last year confirmed that some Uganda ministers are very corrupt making it hard for him to sign for them money.

Appearing before the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-led commission of inquiry, minister of Finance Matia Kasaija said a lot of government money is finding its way into the wrong hands.

“There are some ministries where if I am signing off their money, I sign when my hands are shaking because I don’t know whether the money will reach where it is supposed to be,” Kasaija said, sending commissioners into a bout of laughter.

He added: “I am struggling hard to raise revenue simply because we want the money to fulfill what should be done. But money continues to leak and leak out.”

“This problem is a problem that touches all of us. These people who want to be rich quickly by looting the state in broad daylight must be dealt with quickly. If we don’t, it will become ugly,” he said.

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