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Martha Kay comes back again with another bang on internet

If there is any one in Uganda who knows how to perfectly time there come back on the social scene, then Martha Kay comes straight on top of that list.

It should be remembered that immediately after her pictures leaked on social media in the month of May , Martha Kay just like most victims of such disappeared on social media for some time.

Many of her loyal fans kept on wondering when would the online comedian find the courage to come back and begin making her hilarious clips.

Well it now seems with the current Kenzo and Rema break up saga, the Comedian has deemed it as the perfect chance to show up again.

After almost 4 month since her nudes leaked, Martha finally made a post on Instagram with lovely picture

Check out her emotional post;

The last 3 months have probably been the most challenging I have ever had to face and yet the most empowering!

I have learnt that it is not what happens to you, but how you react that matters at the end of the day. (not how you fall, but how you get UP!) Taking this time off has given me a chance to breathe, reflect, recharge and strategize on what I truly want for my life.

I have been learning, unlearning and relearning a lot of things so as to grow into a much better, wiser, and STRONGER version of myself.It has been quite a journey, but I am so grateful I did not have to go through it alone!

Everyone that has called, texted, visited, prayed, stood up for me and supported me; I am eternally Grateful!!

To My sweet friends and Amazing FAMILY, only God will Reward You for me!

That said, I CHOOSE today to focus my energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

I am so excited to get back to growing my events company, ‘TINGLE MEDIA’ into the empire I always envisioned. (@tinglemedia )

I have also been working on soooo many projects that I just cannot wait to share with y’all!!!

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