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Mao reveals the secrets why many youth are joining oppositions

by James Ateenyi

Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has blamed government for criticising opposition for inciting youth against the the regime.

Appearing on NBS frontline show, Mao said unemployment and uncertain economic conditions has driven youth to fight for better future.

“Its this kind of traffic jam in our politics with its attendant social and economic consequences and the joblessness people talk about.I shudder when the government says we’re inciting anything, Ugandans don’t need any incitement, you just need to look around, the environment itself incites you. After uprooting a weed, what are are you going to plant?” Mao stated.

Mao added that government should have themselves to blame because they crested the situation that drove away youth from the ruling party.

He warned that if the government doesn’t work on people’s welfare fare very soon they they will have themselves to blame for creating the mess which has engulfed the country.

His remarks comes comes days after Security Minister Gen Elly Timwine accused people power pressure group as terrorist organisations, an accusations opposition supporters have denied.

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