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Mao man wants to take on Besigye after Bobi Wine wins in Bugiri

by Odongo Christopher

Mukasa Mbidde

East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) member of parliament Fred Mukasa Mbidde is preparing to unseat fellow Democratic Party (DP) member of parliament Mathius MPuga as Masaka municipality member of parliament.

Mbidde who is serving his second and last term as EALA MP revealed his mission yesterday while hosting Masaka based journalists at a feast in Masaka town.

According to those close to the vocalist legislator, DP President General Norbert Mao is trying to use Mbidde to remove Mpunga whom they accused of siding with opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Sources further told us that president Mueseveni who considers Mbidde as a good DP want to use him so as to take control of Masaka municipality whom he believes have been captured by opposition especially Mpuga who is considered as bad DP a term used to refer those who supports Besigye.

Sources further added that the president will help Mbidde establish the first local Television in Masaka in Masaka town as a way of marketing himself ahead of 2021 General elections.

Mbidde and Mpuga belong to same party and the infighting against the two is likely to give chance to the ruling NRM party candidate to capture the seat.

Other members of DP are however not conformable with Mbidde plan which they believe will weaken the party.

“Why should he come for the seat which is already being occupied by fellow party member yet there are many other constituency he can contest in?” One of the DP senior member said.

The same member who requested not be named wondered how replacing DP with fellow DP will help party its structures adding that he is disappointed at the way the oldest party in the country is being run.

He asked Norbert Mao to get serious and works for betterment of party other than employing divide and rule tactics.

During walk to work protest in 2021, Mpuga was the national co-coordinator of the protest that nearly overthrew president Museveni and sources said the president has not forgiven him since that time and has been working for his downfall. He believes his goals can be achieved by using fellow opposition which Mbidde fits well.

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