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Mao eat big days after declaring presidential interest

by James Ateenyi

UPC party president Hon. Jimmy Akena, has on Monday handed over the IPOD summit chairmanship to Democratic Party President General Hon. Norbert Mao.

Mr Mao who is former Gulu municipality member of parliament will lead the IPOD for six months (April – Sept. 2019). He will also chair the IPOD SUMMIT 2019 expected to be held on 15th May 2019.

The chair of the IPOD summit and council rotates between member parties on a semi-biannual basis in alphabetical order with each party President being given a chance to steer the summit and council.

Hon Kasule Lumumba and Deputy Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Omona, represents the ruling National Resistance Movement during the event.

Also at the hand over was Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party Chairperson (Eastern) Salaamu Muumba, JEEMA Party President Basalirwa Asuman and Dr. Siranda Gerald who represented the Democratic Party.

Inter party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) was founded in 2009 as a forum for leaders of political parties with representation in Parliament to engage on matters of common interest.

“We are demanding expertise in multiparty, the multiparty system here is dysfunctional, we would like that fixed so that we can offer leadership to our country,” said Salamu Musumba the FDC vice president for Eastern Uganda who represented the Uganda largest opposition party during the event.

Speaking during the event the FDC president Eng. Patrick Amoriat Oboi called for unity within the different political parties.

“I have seen what is happening on social media, where every party is taking each other, why should we do that to each other? We need to deal with respect as we continue to dialogue with each other,” Oboi stated.

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