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Man refuses to marry fiancée because she spends a lot of time on WhatsApp

by Odongo Christopher

A man residing in Indian town Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha has gone viral in India for allegedly refusing to marry the lady betrothed to him saying ” she spent too much time on WhatsApp “. The wedding was scheduled but the groom never reached the place where an Islamic Nikka was to happen (wedding).

Man refuses to marry woman for being on WhatsApp too much

On 5th of September the bride’s family were anxiously on the wait to warmly welcome their son-in-law to be and his entire family. But to their surprise the groom by names of Qamar Haidar didn’t show up till it was late in the evening. The big brother of the bride was sent to the grooms house to find out what had happened to their groom.

“They refused to marry my daughter alleging that she is not good as she spends too much time on WhatsApp. Later, when we pleaded, they agreed to the nikah but demanded a dowry of Rs. 65 lakh,” Urooj Mehandi, the father of the bride, said.

The bride’s father pleaded with Qamar and his relatives, a few guests present at the wedding told news agency ANI. But Qamar refused to budge.

The bride’s father decided to take matters to law enforcers by going to the local police station that very night to file a complaint.

“Family of a girl alleged that the groom’s side on wedding day refused to marry her saying ‘the girl isn’t good as she uses WhatsApp’. Then they demanded a dowry of Rs. 65 lakh,” Vipin Tada senior officer at Amroha told news agency ANI. A probe is underway and action will be taken said Mr Tada.

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