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Magufuli wants prisoners to be punished harshly

by Odongo Christopher

John Pombe Magufuli has left every body surprised when he said that prisoners should be given harder punishment to enable them to reform. Magufuli said said prisoners should be made to work day and night and shouldn’t be allowed to be visited by their spouse adding that weak and lazy inmates should be beaten, kicked and punished harshly.
He was Speaking as the guests of honour at inauguration of new prisons chief Faustine Martin Kasike last Saturday.
Magufuli said it a big shame for convicts to be given free food costing Tanzania tax payers huge sum of money adding that every prisons have gardens and those prisoners should make use of them to  produce food.

“How can someonewho was arrested for rape, murder, difilemement be given free food and medical!” Magufuli wondered.

He added that some prison staff do not have houses so they make prisoners to work for them by laying bricks and cutting trees to build houses for those prison staff   saying that prison staff should have free labourers.

Magufuli also banned prisoners from having conjugal rights he said those in prison should learn to abstain so that to detest them from committing more crimes after serving their sentence.

Mugafuli who became president in 2015 added that less works in prisons encourage inmates to start homosexuality and drug abuse warning that he want immediate reforms in management of prisons and those who will be caught caught in act will should face severe  punishment and should be ashamed before public.
His statement has caused discomfort among the country right group who accuses the president for being more authoritarian.
They accuse the president for not respecting human rights however president office urged that the country needs to be guided and those who break the laws should be punished. Magufuli government is known for not tolerating critism with many poll groups, media houses and civil society groups have been banned in the country for criticing the president ways of work.

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