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Magufuli, Museveni in bitter disagreement over Kenya’s Raila Odinga

by Odongo Christopher
Odinga and Magufuli

As Kenya is getting ready and preparing itself for the 2022 duel, regional politics has not been left behind.

At the center of this is Raila Odinga, in a war that pits Uganda’s President Yuweri Museveni against Tanzania’s John Maghufuli.

Whereas President Maghufuli is strongly behind Odinga’s 2022 plot, President Museveni is believed to be directly funding Deputy President William Ruto’s bid according to sources close to Ruto camp.

This is informed by the fact that Museveni feels threatened over his position in East Africa’s politics. If Raila were to become next President, Museveni would be easily displaced in the region’s politics.

Already, Museveni, who has been ruling Uganda for over three decades has been given an endorsement by his National Resistance Movement outfit to vie for presidency in 2021.

On the same breadth, Tanzania’s Pombe Maghufuli will be seeking reelection to complete his second term later this year.

Kenya has always played a very critical role not only in the unity of East Africa but also on being the gateway for the region.

Country’s relationship with Uganda is even more unique owing to the fact that the country is landlocked and heavily relies on the Port of Mombasa.

DP William Ruto is aware of this and he is using it to play local politics by having Museveni on his side. The Ugandan president knows, with Ruto at the helm, it would be easy to influence the region’s politics.

It is out of this that he has directed all his energy in fighting Raila’s 2022 chances of becoming president.

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