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Magufuli changes tone on COVID 19, urged Tanzanians to take tough measures

by Odongo Christopher

President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania this Sunday, June 7, attended a church service at Bikira Maria Imakulata in Dodoma City and delivered unique news to Tanzanians.

Magufuli said God had answered the prayers of Tanzanians who have been praying and seeking God’s intervention in this COVID-19 pandemic, but emphasized on taking precautions.

Unlike earlier this week when Magufuli said Tanzania was free of COVID-19, this Sunday Dr. Magufuli’s news for Tanzanians was that COVID-19 infractions had reduced but not had ended.

On June 6, Magufuli attended a teachers’ function where he announced that Tanzania was free from the deadly coronavirus pandemic. He even mocked some leaders, including their National Assembly Speaker, for putting on face masks inside the parliament with the fact that his seat in the house is meters away from members of the house.

However, he has this Sunday Magufuli has changed tune and said the infection has just reduced and asked Tanzanians to be alert on possible scenarios that could lead to the new spread of the virus.

“Mungu amejibu maombi ya Watanzania ambao wamesali, wamefanya toba na kufunga, na matokeo yake maambukizi ya corona yamepungua na wananchi wanaendelea na maisha yao huku wakichapa kazi, tofauti na ilivyodhaniwa kuwa corona ingesababisha madhara makubwa,” said Magufuli, which loosely translates to:

(God has answered prayers of Tanzanians who have been praying, they have prayed and fasted, and the result is that COVID-19 infections have reduced and Tanzanians are working and still going on well with their lives, as opposed to what they anticipated earlier that the pandemic would have wreaked havoc)

Dr. Magufuli banned Tanzanians from receiving free masks from unknown people and even their politicians.

He alleged that some ‘bad people’ might use the free masks opportunity to spread COVID-19 disease among Tanzanians so that world criticizes the controversial measures he took against the virus.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke up, many nations including Uganda were quick to take actions meant to reduce the spread of the virus, including closing down worship centers.

Tanzania did not obey this measure, instead, Magufuli asked Tanzanians to pray and fast more for the same.

Since then, Magufuli has been announcing ‘victory’ due to the prayers Tanzanians delivered to God.

He recently opened higher learning institutions and hinted out doing the same with primary and secondary schools.

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