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Mafia state: General Tumwine implicated in Sh2bn scam

General Elly Tumwine troubles are far from over after being implicated along with other senior army officer, the deputy chief of CMI a one CK Asiimwe in dubious land deal.

Tumwine who has been having a hard time in parliament is currently having another uphill tasks after being dragged in another scam of robbing 150,000 USD from a Korean national.

Security sources told this website that , the two army officers later targeted a businessman a one Sam Buchana whom they first arrested on fake charges of fake gold sales, and when this charge did not hold, they decided to charge him with illegal possession of a gun at the court-martial.

It later emerged that, the alleged gun is fully registered and licensed and Buchanan is authorized to have it.

The troubles for Buchana stem from a land deal in which a close confidant of Elly Tumwine a one Kaaya defrauded Buchana of 2 billion shillings in a fake land deal.

kaaya was arrested and Tumwine stood surety for him in court. The court had given him up to the end of August to pay back all the money he took from Buchana.

However, in a bid to avoid payment, they resorted to arresting and faking charges of illegal gun possession using deputy CMI chief colonel CK Asiimwe.

Buchana’s family is accusing Elly Tumwine of telling buchana to withdraw money claim if he wants to be left alone,

“These two army officers Elly Tumwine and Asiimwe have resorted to open blackmail, telling our brother to withdraw money claims” a family member who never wanted to disclose his identity claimed.

This comes at the time when there is a claim that the government is fully infiltrated by mafias with minister of investment Evelyn Anite becoming the current culprit.

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