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Madam teacher Hon Nambooze gives Rema, Hamza free lesson

by Odongo Christopher

Hon. Betty Nambooze’s open letter to singer REMA Valentine’s Day at Hotel Africana.

“Despite the marvellous show you put up, your critics were not done, they successfully got you on two unfortunate incidents;

One was your failure to receive Chris Evans joke calmly, which betrayed and exposed  you as a vulnerable woman who hasn’t come to terms with your divorce.

The other ugly scene was when you shielded your man from the Press which your enemies picked on to portray you as an over bearing, controlling and disrespectful woman.

Rema, celebrities live a hell of life with pressures of critics, threats, stalkers, and other security issues, and most of them end up living a stressed-out life.

I advise you to get Dr.Ssebunya off the stage and back to the hospital. If Ssebunya keeps on attending your concerts and addressing audiences, he is going to become a member of  the showbiz industry and be a target of the Media to expose you more.

The same way, I don’t expect you to put a desk in the Doctor’s room in Mulago and start examining patients is the same way Dr.Ssebunya should never be on stage for your shows.

It’s fine for him to sometimes attend your concerts, but you must arrange for him an exclusive place to sit quietly and watch the show without cameras.”

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