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M7 hit the studio to record another song, song tittle left oppositions shocked

by Odongo Christopher

They say when a captain runs out of ideas, the ship is prone to wreck at any particular point of time. The same applies to the reign of Uganda’s longest serving president, Yoweri Museveni. Museveni’s main worry is the fact that his 2010 hit song was washed off all media airwaves.

The 78 year old is applying each and every trick to get to the level of his main contender Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who enjoys a popular support of the youths who constitute 78% of the population. Whatever song Bobi Wine releases from studio goes viral in a blink of an eye, something Museveni feels looks treasonous.

Feeding on the advice of his advisors, Mr. Museveni has resorted to mimicking Robert Kyagulanyi. Lately, the president who is considered by his opponent as a dictator has embarked on going live on his page just as Bobi Wine does it. Museveni who wasn’t a fan of slaying before now takes youthful snaps so he can appeal to them.

In mid July, Museveni’s advisors asked him to embark on hitting music studios to counteract his talented rival, Bobi Wine.

According to confirmed reports, the plan was hatched by renowned music events promoter Balam Barugahare who came up with a hit song titled ‘Tunyweeze Engule’ which directly translates to ‘Tightly gripping the crown’.

Balamu came up with that title to counteract People Power’s ‘Tuliyambala Engule’, a prophetic hopeful musical tune that gives light of the goodness in a Museveni-free-Uganda.

The song, ‘Tunyweeze Engule’ is expected to hit the airwaves by the middle of September of this year. Trusted sources have revealed that Museveni has already ordered all local media stations to routinely play it thrice a day.

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