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Leaked NBS after 5 presenters salary left viewers in debating

by Odongo Christopher

Four years ago, Kamwokya based NBS Television – a leading visual media house – launched The After 5 show, a two hour entertainment program with music as the main ingredient.

Edwin Katamba, better known as Mc Kats, a veteran emcee, was announced as the lead program host.

In what was seen as a masterstroke, popular disc jockeys – Dj Roja, the self-styled Seven Star DJ and hugely respected DVJ Mercy were announced as co-hosts.

Majorly, Roja and Mercy’s job was on the decks. The ones and twos, basically.

The trio came to be known as The Three Musketeers.

Fast forward, another popular television presenter – arguably the best in the business- was announced as the latest addition to The Three Musketeers, to make it the Fantastic Four.

Since then, NBS After 5 was a hit.
Advertisers scrambled for association. It was a case of the highest bidder. Airtel Uganda and Pepsi Uganda became the show sponsors.

The show was a must watch, quickly improving NBS TV’s ratings in the television space in Uganda.

NBS TV, thanks majorly to After 5, became the undisputed entertainment capital of Uganda television.

Mc Kats, Douglas Lwanga, Dvj Mercy and Dj Roja were basically the captains of NBS Television.

Last evening, another television personality stirred a debate about TV presenters salaries.

Through Twitter,
popular Sheila Gashumba revealed while at NTV Uganda – the most profitable media house in Uganda – she used to earn just Shs50, 000 each time she appeared on NTV The Beat, another prime music program similar in structure to NBS After 5.

Sheila Gashumba further revealed she earned Shs100, 000 every time she appeared on The Style Project, a weekly program also on TV, focused on fashion.

In essence, Sheila has never earned more than Shs1, 000,000 in any month for all the years she was at NTV Uganda.

Since Sheila’s revelation, many have been wondering how much The Fantastic Four of the popular NBS TV After 5 show earn.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are their monthly salaries.
DJs Roja and Mercy earn a combined Shs3 million, with each taking home Shs1.5 million.

Douglas Lwanga earns Shs1.8 million a month while MC Kats who signed from NTV four years ago at Shs2 million now earns Shs2.2 million.

It must be noted that before he joined NBS TV, MC Kats was earning a paltry Shs500, 000 at NTV for his eXpozed show.

It must further be noted that while the salaries don’t look appetizing as many expect, the four presenters get free publicity from NBS Television for their side gigs like Douglas’ Purple Party, MC Kats’ King of the Mic or Roja’s annual deejay events alongside partner, DJ Slick Stuart.

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