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Leaked: How NRM is planning to postponed 2021 general elections

by James Ateenyi

The name Magezi is still fresh in the mind of several Ugandans especially after championing the removal of article 102(b) from the constitution.

As different political players players are gearing up plans for 2021, general election, NRM is planning another move that will leave several voters disappointed.

The latest move by the National Resistance Movement is being spearheaded by Igara East member of parliament Hon Raphael Magezi.

According to Magezi, he will not allow the government to continue breaking the law and will do everything possible to ensure that the next general election comply 2016 Supreme Court which recommended various electoral reforms.

“Am law abiding citizen. I can’t watch the government disobeying the Court directives given in the presidential elections petition and I simply watch,” Magezi said.

He added: “Am filing petition in court seeking for an injunction against electoral commission. To stop it from preparing the next presidential elections until those elections reforms are passed . It might take time but its better than going into an election while disobeying court directives. We can extend the term by 2years so that we pass those amendments.”

The latest scheme by Magezi which most political analysts believes is being sponsored by president Museveni and ruling National Resistance Movement will be big blow to many voters and politicians especially opposition supporters.

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