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Lawyer taken to school over age limit ruling

by James Ateenyi

Mukono municiparlity member of parliament Hon Betty Nambooze a paralegal has on Saturday lectured Counsel Ssebufu during CBS Parliament Yaffe program on the basics of the just concluded Constitutional Appeal judgement.

Counsel Ssebufu said Article 102(b) is not part of the Basic Structure of the Constitution as Chapter Four of the aforesaid. Hon. Nambooze then lectures him that Chapter Seven of the Constitution and it’s descending Articles like 102(b) formed the heart of the Constitution for most of the troubles Uganda has had are Presidential caused. And then implored him to use any reasonable man’s commonsense if a heart removed from a person whether such a person would still be alive.

On dissenting Judgement Ssebufu said it’s not a matter of concern but Hon. Nambooze schooled him that dissenting judgements are very imperative in that they lecture more in Law and for the case of Uganda dissenting Judgements are Pro-People and carry the most truth, the three Judges are Icons.She still said Ssebuffu exhibited Intellectual Dishonesty ” Omugezi eyesiliwazza”

On doctrine of Severance the said Counsel dived into deception by saying that some things such as the bartering of the MPs could not vitiate the amendment process .

MP Nambooze proffered him wisdom that when determining cases that concern Human Rights Substantiality must not be examined because violation has no degree ,such renders the whole process an absurdity and impotent to have effect as per say .

She said it’s like well knowingly mixing in same saucepan goats’ meat, Pork, chicken and beef then when serving time comes you tell the Muslims to pickup chicken,you would have spoilt the whole sauce!

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