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Lango leader send a strong warning to president Museveni

by James Ateenyi

Dokolo South MP Felix Okot Ogong has said president Yoweri Museveni should not step in Lango to canvas for votes in the next elections if he fails to deliver on the pledges he made to the people of this sub-region.

Okot was on Friday speaking on his capacity as chairperson Lango parliamentary group in Iceme,Oyam district at the burial of minister Okello Engola’s son.

Okot said some of the unfulfilled pledges include,tarmacking Masindi-Apac-Lira to Kitgum road,compensation of animals and construction of Akii-Bua stadium which he says has been long overdue.

Okot has in the recent past been critical of the M7 administration especially when the age limit bill was tabled in parliament before it became law.

However other NRM supporters notably willy Omodo Omodo has accused Okot of playing Cheap local politics and said he should utilize the floor of parliament to raise such matters apart from lamenting in public.

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