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Land minister Betty Amongi eat big as Okot Ogong bows out

by James Ateenyi

Betty Amongi, the wife of Uganda People Congress president Jimmy Akena has been rewarded by Lango Parliamentary Group with fat position.

Members of parliament from Lango under their umbrella of Lango Parliamentary group on Thursday went to poll to elect new leaders.

Amongi has on Thursday been elected the chairperson of Lango Parliamentary Group. According to the result, she garnered 10 votes, followed by Denis Obua who got 6 votes, Jonathan Odur tailed with 3 votes.

Paul Amoru who stood for the vice chairperson of the group went through unopposed, while Doreen Amule went through to the post of secretary also unopposed.

Judith Alyek was unchallenged in her chase for the post of treasurer. According to the report, after losing in the run for the chairperson post, Denis Obua opted for publicity secretary in which he sailed through without being challenged.

Dokolo South MP Felix Okot Ogong who has led LPG since Eight parliament did not seek did not seek for re election for the position.

In his speech Ogong whished the new leaders well and thanks LPG for the trust they had in him.

“As the out going chairman of LPG I would like to express my profound gratitude to all the members who entrusted me with the leadership of LPG and for the continued support accorded to me and my team during our term of office.” Ogong stated.

He added; “In the same latitude I wish to thank my executive committee for working tirelessly in the service of LPG and Lango in general. During our term a lot was achieved in spite of the challenges. I propose that consensus building is the first method we should employ to cultivate unity and minimise polarisation from the on set.”

He warned the new leaders against to avoid using the association for cheap bargain from the executive

“We should avoid submerging LPG into the executive because that will defeat the very existence of LPG as a preasure group to collectively advance the interests of lango without fear or favour,” he stressed.

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