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Lake Victoria tragedy, the untold story of the ill fated boat

by James Ateenyi

As Ugandans are mourning the death of several people who perished on Lake Victoria boat tradegy, the following is what info256 has gathered regarding the ill fated boat.

Our team who were at KK beach were informed by the fishermen that some people who perished in the boat accident had life jackets on them,BUT,the life jackets we have on the Ugandan market are made in China and they can only save a life of a person who’s 35kgs and below (This is clearly indicated on the life jackets).

Each life jacket cost approximately Uganda shillings 150,000 which is quite expensive that is why many people ends up buying a few well knowing that with or without them, once an accident happens, it is likely that one will perish. That’s if u can’t swim.

Our team further learnt that, most of the people in Uganda are over 50 kgs and a life jacket can only save u only when u know what to do, once an accident happens.

“Its only the Army and police navy that have life jackets which can save someone who’s over 60kg and this is only possible when one stays in water for not more than 3 hrs,” a fisherman who preferred not to be named told us.

We also learnt that the boat was in a dangerous mechanical condition (DMC) and it has been grounded for some good time.

It belonged to one Templar (RIP). When Templar was given the deal, he hurriedly tried to fix it, by placing a new sheet underneath on top of the old one which was broken.

Info256 was informed that the right procedure was to remove the whole old sheet and replacing them with new ones using special welding materials. However, for this case, they used normal Mild Steel welding rods like the ones used to make beds.

After all this was done, that was two days ago, the boat was not tested for safety prior to usage to findout if the vessel was fit for human transportation. So the y decided to do so with the people on board.

Info256 was also informed that, before they set off some security officals tried to intervene, but, Templar paid them off and they left the scene.

“Even the captain tried to refuse to set off after realizing that the boat was overloader but was forced to by his boss. The boat had more than 100 people on board,” another source told us.

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