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Kusasira goes missing following the boat cruise accident

by James Ateenyi

The self proclaimed minister of Condolence (Mabugo) Catherine Kusasira is nowhere to be seen following the tragic accident on Lake Victoria that claims life of several people.

Latest reports reaching info256 indicates that the Golden production singer has been receiving various phone calls from unidentified people claiming to be relatives of the deceased the people demanding for their condolences from president Museveni.

This follows her recent role in delivering president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni condolence to families of Bobi Wine’s driver Yasin Kawuma and former Buyende DPC Afande Muhammad Kirumira.

Kusasira then delivered 20 million to each of the aggrieved families and praised herself for being president Museveni’s loyal and trusted daughter.

According to our sources, Kusasira has not seen the president for about three months and the number she was using to communicate to the Head of State is now allegedly being picked by a different official who has made it hard for Mama Junior to address the Mabugo pressure to the celebrated patriotic bush war General.

Kusasira’s known phone numbers are said to have gone off occasionally a bid to shrink the increasing Gov’t Etuyambe voices.

First Deputy Prime Minister on Tuesday announced that on Friday will be national mourning day and national flag will fly at half mast.

This has given given hope hope to Kusasira who hoping for the best in order to relieve pressure on her.

However if nothing is done, the Sonyiwa Banno Bambi Daddy may be forced to change the place of residence urgently since its said that some of the relatives are planning to storm her him in protest.

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