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Kitatta Lawyer thrown out of court martial for insolance

by James Ateenyi

Boda 2010 Boss kitatta

Court Martial general chairman, Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti has thrown out Kitatta lawyer for his arrogance and insolence.
While presiding over the court martial at Makindye the judge lost his cool and expelled out the insolent lawyer known as Jimmy Muyanja who was hired by Kitatta to defend him gainst accusations charged on  him such as treason.

Kitatta was charged with several others mounting to 12 in total on charges related to possession of military arms and other hardware designated for army use only.
The expulsion came about when the prosecutor was cross examining the witness in the court stand, which made Muyanja to lose his temper and bang the sit he was on shouting on top of his voice

“He lies”

This was interpreted as a sign of defiance and lack of respect for the court by the judge in case.

“Get Out”

said Lt. Gen Gutti He continued to rap his statement

“Why do you bang the table when your colleague is presenting? Who are You,? Get out of this court and don’t return,”

Kitatta lawyer tried to apologize and explain himself but all were falling on the deaf ear of the chairman.
It’s not know whether kitatta and the other 12 accused together with him  will get themselves a new lawyer or Mr Muyanja’s plea will eventually be heard.

More on Kayihura :Kayihura has condemned ISO conducts calling them  unprofessional and barbaric

It should be noted that Kitatta was a close ally to Former IGP of police Kale kayihura who is in army custody on allegations clearly known to army and himself alone.

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