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Kirumira suspected killer finally speaks out, reveals why he was arrested

by James Ateenyi

The suspected killer of ASP Muhammad Kirumira and Stellah Nalinya Mbabazi, who was recently arrested by CMI says he never at any one moment harbored any ambition to kill the former Buyende DPC Mohamed Kirumira and neither did he ever commit the alleged offense.

Abubakar Kalungi, aged 47yrs carpenter and resident of Wakiso District on Friday appeared before Grade One Magistrate Martin Kirya for mention.

The case was adjourned by Magistrate Martin Kirya to 31st of October to enable the State complete its investigations into the matter.

Prosecution’s Mariam Kamushaba told the court that investigations into the case are still ongoing and requested to have the matter adjourned to another date.
Kalungi, who is facing a murder charge that is capital in nature, only triable and bailable by the High court, was sent back on remand at Kigo Prison where he was taken since 4th this month when he was first arraigned in court.

Before entering the cells, Kalungi took the opportunity and talked to media revealing that he was being framed for crimes he had no clue about.

Prison officers denied him the opportunity to talk much by whisking him away to cells.

Kirumira was gunned down by unknown assailants who were allegedly riding on motorcycle near his home in Bulange, a Kampala suburb.

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