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Kirumira killer reveals how Kirumira assassination was executed

by James Ateenyi

Muzamir, a key suspect arrested in connection with the brutal assassination of Muhammad Kirumira made a confession in his statement were he recorded at CMI. He was later taken to Kampala central police station for charge and caution statement.

Sources within the CMI said that after recording charge and caution statement, The Kampala Metropolitan CID commander Johnson Olal and other senior detectives together with CMI operatives who carried out investigation of murder drove to the murder scene to confirm whether what he stated in the statement is corresponding with the evidences at the murder scene.

The detective were stunned when Muzamir when he took the them to the exact point where Kirumira was shot and even revealed them the exact number of bullets that killed Kirumira.

“This man really participated, he took us to the place where Kirumira was killed and even took us where he was standing when Kirumira was being shot,” said detective from CID Natete who is part of the investigations.

He asserted that the man revealed to the operatives those who were in contact with the the slain officer moments prior to his brutal assassination.

“The man confessed to us who he communicated with Kirumira on phone and he told him that he was heading to his home and he later called the killers who finished him,” said a detective.

The detective added that the killer revealed that after Kirumira was murdered, he switched off his phone and slept on one of the lodges at mile 9 and in the morning he went to Yumbe but kept communicating with the killers.

Sources further told us that the killer revealed to the detectives that he had come to Wakiso to meet some people whom he demanded his money.

“From the scene, he was brought back to CPS Kampala but after a shot time he was taken back to CMI in Mbuya. He left CPS at around 7:00pm under tight security,” said another detective.

The arrests of Kirumira killers were revealed by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who said that he amazed by the good job by the CMI in arresting the suspects.

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