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Kenzo responds to people power over his meeting with Museveni

by Odongo Christopher

Eddy Kenzo recently visited state house to meet President Museveni for a discussion about his achievements, how he can rewarded, helped to keep the Uganda flying high.

However, Eddy Kenzo being a staunch opposition supporter, many saw this as a traitor’s move thus attacking him on social media for allegedly disappointing them.

In a move to respond to these attacks, Eddy Kenzo posted a video from a year clearly maintaining his stand on the politics of the nation.

“I have seen a lot being said on social media and all media platforms about my visit to the state house and I remembered this video i made here live one year ago. If you wanna know where i stand and what i stand for please watch and listen to this video carefully.” Eddy Kenzo captioned the video before telling whoever is interested in knowing more about the State House visit should find him at Mestil Hotel on Thursday.

“For more information i am inviting all media houses, media platforms and everyone who feels like asking me anything in a PRESS CONFERENCE tomorrow at MESTIL HOTEL in Nsambya at exactly 10:30am. We gonna talk about everything that has happened, so please feel free to ask me anything u wanna know and I’ll be ready to answer. He added

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