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Kenzo reacts on marriage questions

by James Ateenyi

Uganda top musician Edrisa Musuuza also known as Eddy Kenzo has broken silence on whether he would officially marry his long time fiancee Rema Namakula.

While appearing on NTV ’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ morning program hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe, Kenzo stressed that he is fed up of public pressure regarding his marriage and love affairs.

“I have my own dreams. Don’t pressurize me about marriage. People should give me freedom to achieve my dreams. I have my own problems. I want people to leave me alone; I’m struggling to create my own empire. I hear things people say but they don’t know my dreams. If time comes, I will present you the person I want to marry,” reacted Kenzo.

When pressed whether he will ever get marry Rema, Kenzo told the viewers that no one should choose for him, so he has to take his time.

“You can’t choose for me because for you want me to get married. We have our own personal problems. I can get misunderstandings with anyone but that doesn’t mean we are separated. It’s people that pressurize others and then tell them things that make them different.” Kenzo added.

Recently, Rema released the song ‘Silimuyembe’ (I am not a mango) with many interpreting it as a direct attack on Kenzo for delaying to wed her.

However, she has also come out to say she never wrote the song by herself and therefore has (song) nothing to do with her real life.

Musicians Kenzo and Rema have a daughter together called Aamal Musuuza.

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