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Kenzo opens up on how his song and Bobi Wine led to his marriage break up

by Odongo Christopher

Digesting about the ongoing rumours about his current political stand, famed singer Eddy Kenzo has opened up on why he dumped People Power political movement.

The Big Talent Music Group CEO claims has of the past been crucified for betraying Bobi Wine and dumping People Power to join the NRM party ever since he dined with President Museveni a few months ago.

Famously known for turning vocal in songs against the government in power mention Biwoobe, Volongoto among others, the ‘Signal’ singer has for the past distanced himself from politicking and taking sides as it is the order of the day in the creative industry.

Kenzo claims not be being the same again ever since he started supporting People Power something that even led to the break up of his family no wonder he decided to give politics a break and concentrate on his music business for the good of his life, family and the people he is providing for a living.

“A lot of rumours are salvaging that I dumped Bobi Wine and his People Power Movement, but every one knows that ever since I sang ‘Volongoto’, my life was spoilt totally; my family broke up, I sleep in Mizigo at the expense of my 1billion Seguku mansion. And you still want me to keep in such a situation of politicking, Do you want me dead or u after ritually sacrificing me?” Said Eddy Kenzo.

According to the multi-award winning artiste, however much he wants change, he needs to think twice after all he is solely fighting his own battles at the expense of Bobi Wine and People Power.

Kenzo has given an instance where he had to fight solely and redeem the freedom of his fans who were beaten and detained by the law enforcers during his return from Europe way back no wonder he has now to fully concentrate on music as his business only.

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