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Kenyans rush behind Magufuli as Coronavirus worsens in the country

by Odongo Christopher
Tanzania president John Pombe Magufuli

Kenya has recorded a total of 2,340 cases of COVID-19 infections, 592 recoveries and 78 deaths as of 4th June. The country has witnessed an increase in the number of infection cases which has also been influenced by the increase in testing capacity within the past few weeks.

While delivering the daily coronavirus updates on Thursday afternoon, the Cabinet Secretary for health in Kenya Mutahi Kagwe stated that most COVID-19 patients in the country are asymptomatic meaning that they are not displaying any signs of infection.

Kagwe added that the government is planning to resort to home- based care program for coronavirus patients. The directive might be influenced by the fact that most medical facilities are currently congested and might be running out of space.

In this regard Kenyans on Twitter decided to gang up against the government and its Health Ministry for the increased number of patients who seemed to be too many for the government to contain.

Many of these Kenyans went ahead and applauded the Tanzanian presidentJohn Pombe Magufuli suggesting that he already outsmarted the Kenyan government in the fight against COVID-19.

Magufuli was reluctant in imposing any rule which would hinder the economic activities of Tanzania but rather urged the citizens to pray to God for nothing evil survives in his presence.

The fact that Kenya is still recording high number of coronavirus patients despite imposing heavy/turf measures has made Kenyans question the capability of the government in fighting the disease further comparing it to that of Tanzanian which has allowed its people to continue with their normal activities.

Many of them have praised Magufuli for not copying the Western style in regards to COVID-19 .

“Kenyans tumepewa updates imesaidia nini..Magufuli is right to some extent,” one Kenyan claimed.

“Magufuli is a true Pan African leader who does not need to cheer the West. He knows how stuff works. If only we could have more Magufuli like,” another Kenyan penned.

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