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Kenyans beg Museveni to rule them for a week

by Odongo Christopher
Gen Yoweri Museveni

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has higher ratings in neighbouring Kenya after his combating strategies in dealing with the deadly corona-virus.

President Museveni has overseen a fight against the virus with 54 cases registered and no deaths while Kenya has 208 cases and 8 killed.

The Ugandan leader has imposed 37 tough measures to help the East African nation sail through the teary global pandemic.

Among the measures include; shutting the airport and borders, stopping public transport that is buses, taxis, motor cycles and private vehicles. He also closed crowded markets, restaurants, bars, clubs, beaches and arcades.

The measures have amazed neighbouring Kenya citizens who took to social media to hail Uganda’s long serving leader.

Ahmed Abdulwahab: Sometimes dictatorship is better than failed democracies.. Ugandans are lucky to have M7 as their President. He should be in power for the next 20 years.

Wambui Murage: We need such a dictator in Kenya. We weren’t ready for democracy. Now see. We hv stagnated. If we had a lockdown we’d be hopeful of a way forward. Right now we r just there waiting for the daily updates..

Kinyua Bonface: Uganda is on the right direction. Kenya is like comic shows today over 30 people in quarantine in Mandera escaped.

Odhiambo Isabella: 21 more days of doing 30 pressups in doors, Uganda will surely overcome this covid-19 before Kenya. In Kenya we’re being told that Raila will be in the government after the pandemic is over yet, we’re not even sure when it will end or even if baba will still be spared by it. They’re busy forcing Ruto out of jubilee and without forgetting some of those put in quarantine just escaped in mandera.

Pitah Mwalimu JP: I strongly suggest that Uhuru Kenyatta should let Museveni lead both Uganda and Kenya through this crisis! His wisdom, judgement, calculations and decision making is what this country needs. We need someone more bold, courageous and sober to lead us during this time.

David Ondara: I applaud M7 for his leadership, sometimes dictatorship/authoritarian style of leadership works in some situations. Look at the covid-19 positive cases and fatalities and compare them with Uganda.

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