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Keep off our local politics, Arua DP youth warns Abed Bwanika

by James Ateenyi

Dr Abed Bwanika

The Democratic Party (DP) National youth coordinator Christopher Okidi has warned the party leadership against sidelining the party flag bearer and supporting an independent candidate Kasiano Wadri in the upcoming Arua municipality by-election.

Okidi blamed SDP leader Mike Mabikke, PDP party leader Abed Bwanika and sections of JEEMA leaders for bringing confusion and disorganization within the DP party.

He told the party leadership not demoralised the young people whom he said are very instrumental to struggle and growth of political party.

He also accused DP president Norbert Mao of being selfish and biased while handling the affairs of the party.

He went on to ask the leadership of party not to shun the young generation who who offer themselves for elective positions stating that they are future of the party and needs to be mentored.

Okidi further asked the party to prepare more young people for future roles other than throwing them under the carpet.

He reminded the party leadership that ongoing UYD reunion should not undermine the party growths and should focus and bringing more people on board.

Below is we bring you Okidi full statement

Statement from DP National Youth Leader on Arua Municipality Bye Elections.
On the 3rd August 2018 I attended a meeting meant to harmonise positions over the Arua Municipality Elections in Gulu at Norbert Mao’s Residence in Pece Aywee. The ‘meeting’ was Chaired by Hon. Mike Mabikke. I call it a meeting because i dont want to disrespect the honest attendance and submissions of respectable leaders in Uganda like Mao himself, Dr Bwanika, Mohammad Mayanja Kibirige and Asuman Basalirwa among others, short of that it would not qualify to be called a meeting because there was no room for free expression and too much grandeur delusion was involved.

Secondly no candidates other than Kasiano Wadri was in attendance, which already exhibited bias of the highest degree of the core team and fueling rumours of political dealsmanship in the whole process. Kasiano Wadri even went further to disrespect the meeting and assure them he doesn’t need their support and the meeting continued to cajole him.

In the same race DP has a young candidate JM Kennedy an artist, who needs a chance to serve his people and prove himself. He may not be a big name for now like Wadri, but he knows what he wants to become and his message is clear to his people,typical of the political journey of most millenials in Ugandan politics. Needless to say that this is a generation which has borne the greatest brunt of a shrinking political space in Uganda (Macro Level) and their political parties (Micro level). A situation that we want to avert by breaking all forms of patronage etc. Listening to JMK in this contest reminds me of Sammalu Odili of the Common People’s Convention in Achebe’s classic A Man of The People. This comparison stands because after all he is running against a career politician akin to that character minister Chief MA Nanga.

JMK’s fate appears uncertain now that many including some of his party members are ganging up and rallying behind Kasiano Wadri. Who I must hasten to add is nowhere close to our generation and will not represent us.
The question young people should ask themselves is imagine you were JMK, how would you feel being sacrificed at the alter of greed under the pretext of an emerging alliance. Also how do these alliance cater for the interest of young people, I will reserve for another day my experience as a youth leader in the now defunct The Democratic Alliance, but I will summarize and say its all about those days, once upon a time, but that is the reality of elite bargaining. While young people are sent to pin posters, go riot and get arrested while the earlier generation sit and reminisce about those days and prescribe old solutions to new problems.

So JMK is just a microcosm of you ( the millennial) in Ugandan politics. I want to be candid on this The UYD Reunion was not meant to undermine the political growth of young people and their voice. I will be the first to jump out of it and fire invective if it is turning to be so. This is why in all reunion meetings I have underscored the need for an inter generational cooperation in what we are doing. It will be sad if the name of the institution is used against JMK.
I also call upon all DP Youth to rally solidly behind JMK, and be ready withhold cooperation with anybody in DP who will undermine JMK.
Undermining JMK is undermining our contribution as young people in DP. We rather fail (Which is very much unlikely, because I gather he is already a front runner) with JMK who carries the flag of Truth and Justice high.
Viva UYD, Viva Kennedy, Viva Arua Municipality
Always grateful for your cooperation.
Christopher Okidi
Democratic Party National Youth Leader.
Dated 10th August 2018.

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