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Kayihura to stay in jail for longer period according to Jeje Odong

by James Ateenyi

General Kale Kayihura is bound to stay behind coolers for some times, because the nature of crimes he committed cannot allow for Government to enforce the 48 hours rules provided for in the constitution. The revelation was made by Internal Affairs Minister, Jeje Odong while providing security situation in the country. The minister’s statement followed a question asked by Shadow minster for Internal Affairs who tasked Jeje to explain what happened when Kale Kayihura was arrested and why he hasn’t been produced in court, almost a month after his arrests.

“The cardinal law of the constitution is to effect that anyone arrested for whatever crimes must be aligned, before courts of law within 48 hours. It is sad to know that since the former IGP hasn’t been aligned before Courts of law. We would like to know the state of his arrests, he is such a prominent Ugandan that raises grave concerns” Kivumbi remarked.

However, Jeje Odong Revealed that those hoping to see Kayihura paraded in Court of law will have to wait longer, as security organs are yet to finalize the case.

 The minter of Internal Affairs said; “You have raised the question of 48 hour rule, I would really like to appeal to all of us that yes, there is this requirement but sometimes by nature of matter at hand, it may not be easy to fully fulfill that requirement and so sometimes, we would request your indulgence and understanding”.

The turns of events have all the indicators that the 48 hours rule Kayihura fought to have scrapped off is the same that his sympathizers are now relying on to have his constitutional rights fulfilled. In his statement to parliament, General Jeje Odong told the parliament that Uganda is generally calmand stable and crime rates have drastically dropped, a development he attributed to the in testified police patrols, joint security and intelligence operation to curb crimes.


Additionally, Jeje bragged that due to security situation in the country, Uganda successfully carried out LC1 elections as well as peacefully securing FIFA world cup season. However, Kivumbi scoffed at Odong’s argument that crime rate has reduced wondering why the latest police crime report indicate increase of 3 percent in crimes rate. But Odong fired back telling him that rather than being worried, Ugandans should be excited about this as it shows that Ugandans are being vigilant to report and it shouldn’t necessarily mean that the level of crimes has increased but rather the level of vigilance.

When questioned about deployment of UPDF around DR Congo boarder in Bundibugyo, the minister of Defense Adolf Mwesigwa Assured the house that the rebel group that has been operating in the areas has been flushed to DRC because of disorganization and unpreparedness from the DR Congo government. He told the parliament that ADF is no longer Uganda threats some ruminants are hiding in Tanzania and Kenya. He said ADF is completely degraded that is why they quit Uganda territory and are hiding in foreign countries.

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