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Kayihura ponders committing suicide

by Odongo Christopher


Jailed General Kale Kayihura’s plot to harm himself from his detention cell has leaked to the authorities.

The disgruntled former police chief  who spent more than a month in detention at military facility claims he is not in the rush to leave the cells.

According to the sources, Kayihura outburst is related to alleged frustration against him to interact with his personal doctor. Authority leant of his dangerous plot which is still being analyzed before he can access his private medical personnel.

According to sources, the authorities became concerned after learning that Kayihura wanted to use his private doctor to end his life. The plan was to use one of his doctor to inject him with the medicine that would finally end his life. His plan was after realizing that there is mounting evidence against him and is better off end his life than face humiliation.

Security immediately heightened restriction on his access by any medical personnel. Under the new arrangement, Kayihura is not supposed to see any specialized medical team unless approved by top army officials.

The army fears Kayihura may use this to harm himself while under detention. According to knowledgeable sources, Kayihura wanted to use one of his close medics to inject him with toxic medicine which would eventually have terrible impact on his life in order to end the ongoing trauma he is facing.

According to the sources, Kayihura was willing to sacrifice his life than to be subjected to any humiliating charges by the military. It is said Kayihura wanted to die in jail as it would discredit the jailer. He vowed never to reveal anything related to charges against him.

Sources said even the food the eats is subjected to thorough scrutiny for fear that Kayihura might use his family members who bring him food to poison him while in detention.

Kayihura last week through his lawyers accused ISO and CMI of fabricating evidences and training witnesses with the aims of pinning him in court martial. He also said he is not in the rush to leave prisons. Kayihura who was picked using military chopper from his Lyantonde home had earlier told army not to subject him what would be humiliation.

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