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Kayihura and his allies in more trouble after dubious Land deal was botched

by Odongo Christopher

General Kale Kayihura

President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni has halted payment of land located at Kikwanda village, Kakiri town council Wakiso district. The land was bought by Uganda Police is about 100 hectares was bought under leader leadership of former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura.

Police entered into transaction early this year and parts of the payment has been effected already.

The land is said to cost 13b billion shillings. The president was tipped by intelligence that the price of the said land was inflated and police never followed procurement processes by acquiring the piece of land. Responsible bodies like PPDA was not aware of the transaction.

Upon receiving the report on land, the president put in place a team to carry out investigation and give him detailed report on how the land was acquired. On carrying out investigation the team infirmed the president that police ignored all the necessary procurement processes were not followed by buying the piece of land.

The investigation team implicated the then police chief Kale Kayihura and several police bosses including former Director of Crime Intelligence Col Ndawula Atwooki who is currently in detention, Exiled former ICT Director Amos Ngabirano among other directors.

It is believed within the police circle that Col Ndawula brought idea of acquiring the piece of land to police and he acted as middle man between the Forces and the property owner in what the investigators captured in their report as illegal.

Upon receiving the deal from Ndawula, Kayihura invited his close allies within police to discuss the matter and ensure that the plan go through.

Investigation team further established that the land was priced at 3 billion shillings but the price was tripled to 13 billion leaving out difference of 10 billion and government valuer was sidelined in the process.

The president was told that Kayihura promised the shield the police directors from any investigation using his power as the IGP. The president was further told that Kayihura told the police Directors not to involves PPDA.

The report further added that some parts of the payment was made and balance was to be cleared soon. On getting the report the president ordered for the payment of the said land to be halted with immediate effects and those officers involved investigated and brought to book.

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