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Kasirye Ggwanga warns Museveni over General Sejusa retirement

by James Ateenyi

Senior Presidential advisor on Buganda Major General Kasirye Ggwanga has cautioned UPDF and president on using force against the wish of former Coordinator of Military Intelligence, Gen. David Sejusa to have him retired from active military services.

Gganga said such move will not soften him and is not the solution to the problems facing Uganda.

Gen. Ggwanga said that just like himself, no amount of intimidation can be used against his resolve when he is determined to achieve his agenda.

“They won’t manage him; Gen. Sejusa is like Kasirye Ggwanga. He is not bothered but instead they are those ones worried about him. They don’t know the people they are dealing with because we can’t be happy when the country is not happy” Gen. Ggwanga told this website.

He made the remarks while responding to media reports that General Sejusa also known as Tinyefunza was striked out of the lists of the army who were set for retirement next month.

In October last year, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) said Gen Sejusa was on the list of the officers to retire from the army.

Gen. Sejusa has on several occasions applied for retirement since 1996 but the army has turned down his pleas to leave the military he has served for 37 years.

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