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Kasese widows demand more money after eating Museveni 250 million

by James Ateenyi

After brutal attack on Rwenzururu Kingdom in November 2017, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni through his envoy Anita Among delivered 250 million Uganda shillings.

The money was meant to support orphans and widows of those who died during the attack especially the royal guards after security forces Commanded by Major General Elwelu brutally attacked the Kingdom.

Through Bukedea district woman member of parliament hon Among, the money was delivered to Kasese municipality member of parliament hon Robert Centenary who lobbied for it from the President.

Upon receiving the money, Centenary got misunderstandings with his own party leaders, the Forum for Democratic Change in Kasese who construed his efforts as selling out to the President.

They looked at the MP act as a sale out and deal making opportunity making hon Centenary to lose his popularity in the constituency.

The disgruntled member of parliament first kept the cash on his own bank account rightly insisting that the widows first form SACCOs and become organized since this was meant to be a revolving fund to benefit other victims.

In the end, Shs50m was put aside for 34 widows as the rest went to Boda groups and wives of close to 200 Royal Guards who were detained with their king Wesley Mumbere.

The widows were later each given 510,000 Uganda shillings as startup capital for businesses.

This did not go well with widows making them to protest. Peace Kabugho who chairs the SACCO for the 34 widows, said it was not possible to use the 510,000 Uganda shillings each widow got to do successful businesses because they had more pressing needs. She says many widows had nothing to feed orphans at home and there was also school fees to be paid.

They admitted to have eaten the cash totalling to 50 millions just like that and they are demanding to meet the president again and ask for more cash.
Centernary, who can’t reach Museveni very easily due to his opposition affiliations has refused to take them back to the President on grounds that by eating the money (Shs50m) they embarrassed him as their member of parliament to the President.
This disgruntlement by the widows threatens diminishing Centenary’s popularity even further.

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