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Kasese locals reject Museveni multimillion dollars project in their area

by James Ateenyi

The recent government deal with a number of international companies to commence medicinal cultivation of marijuana in Uganda and exporting to Canada, Germany and other countries has hit a dead end in Kasese.

This is because marijuana is widely viewed by many Ugandans as a dangerous substance despite having various health benefits.

Among those are local in Hima, Kasese district where Pharma LTD, an Israeli company, is set to set up marijuana plantations.

The locals in Hima town council have urged the government to stop the investors from starting up marijuana plantations in their area and take it to another place.

On April 16 , 2019 government announced the coming of investors from Israel to set a marijuana plantation in Hima town council, Busongora north constituency, Kasese district.

But Michael Kambale, the LC I chairperson Kikongo lower zone, says that “What the government has done is something which is so dangerous to the people of Hima and Busongora north at-large.” He noted that people will want to get the marijuana from the gardens and in most cases will misuse it. He added this “This will make youth in the area get addicted to this drug because it will be easy for them to get it.”

Equally, most parents in the area are also worried about the future of their children. Enoch Ndibalema, a parent in Hima town council said that “Our children are going to become spoilt because of marijuana.” He added that “People should not get surprised in the next ten years when the number of mad people increases in Hima town council.”

He advised the government take the project in Kiruhura district and not in their area.

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