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Kampala woman MP Nabilah urged Ugandans to shun Besigye

by Odongo Christopher

The Kampala woman member of parliament Nabilah Nagoya Sempala has blasted the leadership of FDC for sidelining those who do not agree with former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye.

Through a social media video,Nabilah has come up boldly to speak about the rot, status quo, mole syndrome and individualism in FDC!

The ping-pong by Besigye’s goons in FDC has forced many clear minded FDC members to either keep quiet like what Mushega, Musumba, Alaso did or abandon the party like Anywar, Betty Kamya and Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga. She said.

“When will the truth be the truth and not dirty linen? Do you genuinely think POA is the FDC President” Nabilah asked.

“We are being punished for having an independent mind…,it is like a killing chamber to join FDC (NRM is better).” Cried Nabilah.

To cement her words,Nabilah added that POA is just a “shadow and court jester” of Besigye!

Below is part of Nabilah’s Statement

Why does society abate and tolerate lies?

The current state of our nation political health is majorly caused by the willingness of most people to listen to lies especially those who are passionate about party politics and will be quick to rationalize or diminish the seriousness of lies told by a member of the political party they support, but will be merciless toward any member of the opposing political party caught telling a lie of any kind.

I strongly believe that all of the problems facing Uganda can be traced to people’s collective choice to embrace Lies. But even though they will claim not to like lying, they continue to tolerate the people and institutions that do the lying so long as none of the specific lies they tell happens to greatly disadvantage or displease them personally; But in the confines of their homes and amongst close friends or family; they embarrassingly admit that the Leader of FDC has lied on several occasions or that President Museveni has not been exactly truthful to Ugandans!
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Over to you, Ugandans! When will “LYING” be faced and confronted straight in the FACE? Whatever is eating up FDC is the same eating up NRM! Dishonesty.

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