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Kagame celebrates defeating Museveni in round one

by James Ateenyi

Latest news reaching our desk indicates that Rwanda rebel leader Maj. Callixte Sankara was arrested in the Comoros and forcefully repatriated to Kigali, Rwanda.

According to military sources in Kigali, the de’facto spokesperson of Rwanda’s new rebel group, National Liberation Force (NLF) Calixte Sankara who’s been making media claims of FLN rebels occupying Nyungwe forest and three sectors of Rwanda , is now a prisoner in Rwanda.

FLN Group is led by Paul Rusesabagina, figure behind “Hotel Rwanda ” movie .

Sources privy to security situation in Rwanda told us that the fugitive was repatriated to Rwanda by Paul Kagame special agents with aid of Comoros authorities.

Our several efforts to get a confirmation word from Rwandan authorities was futile however an insider confirmed that the rebel has been arrested.

Rwanda on several occasions accused Uganda of backing the FLN rebel group an accusation the Kampala regime has rejected.

If confirmed, the development will be received in Rwanda as a defeat of Uganda by Kigali.

Rwanda recently closed its border with Uganda accusing Uganda of supporting its enemies despite several denial from Uganda.

During the fighting between Rwanda Defense Forces and the rebel groups in Nyungwe forest, Kigali constantly reminded its forces that they were not fighting FLN but Uganda.

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