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Kabarole residents shun Hon Sylivia Rwabogo for jailing stalker

by Odongo Christopher

Sylivia Rwabogo

The political climate is heating up in Kabarole district as Sylivia Rwabogo is facing hard time following the recent arrests and jailing of YMCA student Brian Isiko for expressing love to the youthful MP.

Before the incident, Rwabogo had enjoyed unmatched supports among the local population in the area especially after voting against the contentious age limit bill.

Reports in Kabarole indicates that she is currently one of the most hated politicians in Toro land and most of her previous supporters have decide to shun her. Boda boda riders who used to escort her whenever she appears in her constituency have also abandoned her saying they don’t want to be jailed like Isiko.

This has created fear within her campaign team as 2021 is fast approaching. To add more pressure on her, several potential replacements are now lining up to take her seat. Among those is Victoria Rusoke who once represented Kabarole in parliament before losing the seat Rwabogo. She is now strategizing her self by frequenting the local radio stations educating locals on how to fight poverty as a way of making herself relevant ahead of 2021.

Local business woman Linda Irene is also giving Rwabogo sleepless night as she is positioning her self to take the seat. Linda is always meeting the locals and attending burials among other things.

The new trends have forced Rwabogo to go back to the drawing board and sources close to her say she is likely to get married in few months a way of winning back the hearts of voters.

Another source says she is planning to forgive Isiko and also offer to pay his school fees as they way of getting back the lost glory. On top of that she is planning to use the clergy who were very vocal during the Togikwatako period to help clean her dented images.

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Her residence in Fort Portal that used to receive hundreds of visitors is now deserted with fewer people now visiting her these days.

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