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Julius Malema gift to Bobi Wine ahead of his visit to Kenya shocked many

by James Ateenyi

Embakasi East member of parliament hon Babu Owino has announced that the leader of of the Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa Julius Malema has confirmed his visit to the East African nation.

Babu further confirmed that he and his Ugandan counterpart Bobi Wine has received a special gift from the South African vocal politician.

The Kenyan legislator says Malema sent them a red beret ahead of his tour in Kenya.

The lawmaker, who has been very vocal on matters of national interest, said that he is honored to receive such a rare gift from Malema noting that the red beret is also worn by Uganda freedom fighter Hon Bobi Wine.

Babu noted that the red color shows the blood revolutionists are ready to shed just for the sake of freedom of their people.

“He sent me a red beret from the EFF. This red beret is the same color of the struggle for freedom in Uganda led by Honorable Bobi Wine and the revolution in Zimbabwe led by Honorable Nelson Chamisa. Red symbolizes the blood that has been shed by patriotic citizens seeking justice, fairness and freedom in their countries,” he said through his social media account.

He also said that he will not relent in the quest to make Kenya a better place, by raising his voice against leaders who want to misuse resources meant for the tax payers.

He further said that the power belongs to the people of Kenya, and no one can frustrate them as long as they speak in one voice.

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