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Judiciary speaks up against the re-arrest of Kaweesi murder suspects

by Odongo Christopher

The Judiciary has condemned the chaotic re-arrest of former Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder suspects on Wednesday afternoon following their bail from Court.

On Wednesday afternoon, there was chaos at at the International Crimes Division of the High Court in Kololo as un uniformed security operatives re-arrested four suspects accused of murdering AIGP Andrew Kaweesi who had been granted bail.

Speaking to the Press about the incident, the senior communications officer at the Judiciary Solomon Muyita condemned the action saying that people will lose trust in courts and that the Judiciary is bothered by the actions of security.

“We are bothered by the actions of another arm of the state. We work for the same government and the DPP, they can always talk to us or present a charge sheet in court. They don’t have to wait until court has granted bail to suspects and then re-arrest them in such a manner. It’s wrong to make people think they can never get out of jail. People will lose trust in the court procedures,” he said in part.

Over Eight suspects in the murder of the former Assistant Inspector General of Police are battling other charges related to terrorism, aggravated robbery and aiding terrorism.

On Wednesday 11, September, the suspects returned for their release orders to be signed and consequently four of them were asked to return home whereas the rest were taken back to prison because they have other charges. These were recently granted bail by Lady Justice Lydia Mugambe.

Jibril Kalyango, Yusuf Mugerwa, Joshua Kyambadde and Siraje Nyanzi were set free and later rearrested by Plain clothed security operatives. When the lawyers sensed danger after Plain clothed security officers surrounded court, the lawyers then brought a vehicle identified as a Toyota Noah in which the four accused who had been released on bail were to use out of fear of re-arrest.

Unfortunately this move did not yield any results as operatives in a private van with private number plates blocked the exit of the court premises and forcefully re-arrested the suspects deforming the Lawyer’s Car in the process.

According to Muyita, the security operatives later informed the Judiciary that the four suspects were re-arrested because they have pending charges. Muyita further noted that court can only handle cases to a certain point and asked security to always send them charge sheets instead of embarrassing the court procedures.

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