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Judiciary asked to remain firm and not to be intimidated

by Odongo Christopher

Constitutional Court Judges

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) president General Norbert Mao has weighed in and told the judges not to be intimidated and remains firm following the threats from Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni.

Mao joins several other Ugandans who added their voices on what they term as attack on the judiciary. Other activists have called on president Museveni to suspend the constitution and rule by decree if he does not believes in judiciary and rule of law.

The remarks follows president’s attack on nullification of two years extension on members of parliament and Local Government term. Museveni in his remarks said the judges are not the one in charge of country threatening to reinstate back the two years which has been declared null and voids by the constitution court seating in Mbale.

Mao while speaking to local radio station Kfm said museveni’s statement is a clear indication that he has not respects in the state institutions and does not value the constitutions.

He asked the Judiciary to continue dispensing justice to all in Ugandans in lines with country law irrespective of gender, social status and religions.

Mao added that the signs are clear that the country is headed to total dictatorship and asked the citizens to rescue the situation before the situation runs out of control.

He also argued Civil Society Organisations to add their voice and ensure that the few remaining state institution especially the temple of justice is not rendered useless.

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