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Senior journalist defends Munyagwa appointment

by James Ateenyi

Senior journalist has come out to defend the appointment of Kawempe South member of parliament Hon Mubarak Munyagwa the chairperson of COSASE.
Ivan Okuda a journalist working daily monitor said even Kantutu didn’t achieve much as the chairperson of the community.

He asked Ugandans to give Munyagwa a benefit of doubts as he proves himself.
Okuda statement comes a result of several Ugandans especially on social media came out to express their dissatisfaction on appointment of the former Kawempe division mayor.
Using social media he posted the statement below.

You’d think MP Mubarak Munyagwa has been appointed to lead a cardiovascular operation team that requires hyper specialized training and experience. He’s only chairman of a parliamentary committee. In any case what earth shattering thing did the Mr. Abdul Katuntu led committee achieve that changed the world? Force a return of the much hyped oil handshake monies–which was playing to the media and public gallery? So what’s it that is so special about chairing that committee that Munyagwa can’t do?
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For all we care PAC and COSASE are all but window dressing and extortionist theaters of drama with at most dramatic value for media consumption. There’s little good in those committes, nay impact that means anything to we ordinary Ugandans. Even a stray dog can be picked to chair their dramatic sessions that more often than not play to the gallery and have little substance in the grand scheme of things. I see Mr. Nandala Mafabi is back to PAC—to seal more deals and act to the media and public gallery more. It’s all but drama. # GiveMunyagwa a break!

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