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Journalist apologize to the country over Kadaga sickness

by James Ateenyi

By Bart Kakooza

After reading the Kadaga illness story and her admission to Nakasero Hospital, subsequently her being flown to Agakhan Nairobi, I found myself struggling to contain a guilty conscience following my defense of our health facilities.

When the newly repackaged Mulago hospital opened, I took interest as a journalist to find out the level of the facility, let alone the capacity.

My mind was blown away by the sophistication of the gadgetary and the systematic set up. The professionals were quick assured me that Uganda has finally reached the levels of India etc, etc in terms of offering medical services, and that there would not be any need for patients to travel to India.

Full of excitement, I did a promotional TV program about the facility and I labored hard to convince many sceptics about the improved capacity, who remained unconvinced saying time would disprove me. Indeed Kadaga’s situation proved them right. Firstly, the fact that she was taken to Nakasero proved that Mulago is lacking.

Secondly, being flown to Nairobi further reconfirms either our continued inability to handle even the smallest of ailments or mere disdain for our capacity.

Remember She is the chief of the Legislature that has powers to allocate any amount of funds for such health facility. Should we say that all the money that was sunk into Mulago went down the drain if the facilities installed there cannot treat stress? So, who will be treated at Mulago?

I thought that President Museveni’s effort to turn Mulago into a ultra morgen health facility was to save this country billions that we donate to India for treatment of cancers, heart diseases and other organ ailments!

As for me, I am at loss as to how I will go back crest-fallen to apologize to my sceptic friends for my stupid misconception and beg for forgiveness.

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