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Jennifer Musisi stole my huge amount of money for nothing says Museveni

by James Ateenyi

While Kampala ‘Iron lady’ Jennifer Musisi was in her first ‘honeymoon’ term as the Executive Director of Kampala City Council Authority in 2011, President Yoweri Museveni praised her saying; “Kampala was disorganised,a Centre of dirt and theft but she (Musisi) has cleaned the drainages already.”

However, yesterday while addressing the teachers under their umbrella organisation the Uganda National Teachers’ Union at the President’s office in Kampala, Museveni seemed to regret allocating a huge budget to KCCA.

“I paid Musisi a lot of money to clean up Kampala but she didn’t,” Museveni said as he admitted to have got it wrong.

“It is a simple sin and I can repent it and withdraw all those salaries of the City Council so that we fix salaries of the teachers,” he said.

Jennifer Musisi who is currently a Consultant at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative in the United States of America resigned as the KCCA ED last year on December 18 before she even finished her endorsed third term in office that was supposed to end in April 2020.

Despite Museveni’s comments, Musisi is applauded by many to have changed the face of Kampala City through improving infrastructures like roads, markets, hospital and schools among others.

Meanwhile Museveni assured the teachers that their salary grievances will be soon sorted as they agreed to suspend their strike.

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