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ISO reveals how Kayihura masterminded Kaweesi killing

by James Ateenyi

The Director General of Internal Security Organisation Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda has said that they firmly believe the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was brutally murdered by fellow police officers.

In story published by state owned newspaper, the new vision, Col Kaka was quoted as saying that the investigation carried out all revealed that Kaweesi was killed by fellow officers.

“We truly believe this was an inside job within the Uganda Police Force. It was a highly planned professional job which was properly executed and all loopholes covered,” Kaka said.

During arrests of former police chief General Kale Kayihura, ISO operatives Simon Peter Odongo, presented some of the audio recordings of Kayihura as one of the key evidence.

In the aftermath of the murder According to the recording Kayihura asked Muhangi; “Is Andrew Felix Kaweesi dead?” and Muhangi answered; “Oh Yes” , sending his aide Jonathan Baroza to scoop blood
The recording was reportedly found to be doctored, forcing the military not to prefer charges related to Kaweesi murder on Kayihura.

But according to Kaka statement, he still believes Kayihura and his allies will at one time answer for crime committed.

“Even if the case of the murder of Kaweesi is not resolved during my term as director general of ISO, someone who has interest in this case will open it up and conduct fresh investigations which will not be different from ours,” Kaka added.

Kaka also stated that two telecom companies were compromised to frustrate their investigations into the murder of subjected to further scientific Kaweesi. “Critical data relevant analysis to the case was erased from their systems and some of the suspects.

Kaka also said he had nothing personal against the former IGP and that he only carried out further investigation after receiving reports that witnesses were being harassed by Police officers.
But Kaka said whoever leaked their investigations report to the media intended to have the current investigations closed.

Kaweesi was gunned down by unknown assailants riding on motorcycle in March 207 near home in Kulambiro.

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