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Irritated Kenzo telephoned ex wife Rema over honeymoon

by Odongo Christopher

Love nigga presido, Edris Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo is back in the country from Dubai where he had a music performance at One Africa Fest last weekend.

Kenzo sneaked out of the country last week on Wednesday as Rema was preparing to introduce Dr. Ssebunya to her parents in Nabbingo, with hopes of returning when the ‘Kwanjula’ storm has settled. But upon arrival at Entebbe Airport, the swagged up Big Talent boss was hit by bad news.

His crew boys apparently informed him how Rema and Ssebunya had left his 5 year old daughter, Aamal Musuuza home as they went for a honeymoon at Paraa Safari Lodge for three days now!

Seemingly irritated, Kenzo grabbed his phone and there and then called Rema for explanation, according to an inside source.

“…Papa loves and protects his daughters a lot. He never wants anything bad to happen to them especially when someone abandons them…It’s true he doesn’t feel bad when his friend, Rema is having some good time with his man but he cares for Aamal. That’s why he has called them demanding to know whether his daughter safe where they left him…”, a source tipped us.

However from the look of things, Rema and her man might continue to spend some more days in honey moon. As we speak, they have proceeded to Chobe Safari lodge for more bonking time.

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