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Inside the letter to Bobi Wine that took him to the drawing board

by James Ateenyi

Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine has called for mass protests against police brutality and other state injustices meted out on Ugandans.

Bobi Wine made the call on Monday after he was arrested as he tried to access his One Love Beach a day after police cancelled his music concert.

The call by Bobi Wine have generated mixed reactions from sections of Ugandans calling on Bobi Wine to be more creative because protest cannot work. Below are some reactions;

Just wake up and tell us to riot because your music shows were canceled totusiliwalilako. Half of the Ugandans your telling to riots can’t afford daily meals, they can’t afford the education your daughter Suubi and son Kampala are receiving .
And your telling them to riot because your show was cancelled?? And so how’s that even relevant to putting Museveni down?? Huh??

Then you wanna tell me that how will your family survive?? How do you think 70% of unemployed struggling Ugandans from Kisenyi survive?? Why don’t you first talk to us about your monthly cheque from parliament??? How will you survive??????? Really??? BOBI really???
Not putting you down but that’s really mean.

Social media elabye naawe the so called Bobi Wine. Am not among those ones to help you on this kablaza finish Wat you started instead of involving the mass.

Don’t mislead people because they will end in prison and for you, you have the capacity to be bailed out leaving the supporter suffering in custody ,,, think twice before you participate in these unlawful activities.

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